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"I Meant Every Word That He Said: False Designation of Origin of Construction Documents After Dastar" Analysis of law concerning reverse passing off - removal of identity of source from construction drawings and replacement with that of another - in light of U.S. Supreme Court's Dastar v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. decision. 25 Construction Lawyer 1 (Winter 2005).

"After the Ball: Subsequent Use of Construction Documents After the Project for Which They Were Originally Prepared: A Sketchy Area of the Law." Analysis of the relationship of copyright, trademark, negligence, professional registration and licensing, and constitutional la- relative to reuse of construction documents. 17 Construction Lawyer 2 (Spring 1997).

"There Goes My Baby: Buildings as Intellectual Property Under the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act": 21 Construction Lawyer 2 (Spring 2001).

Common Sense Construction Law, 2d ed., Aspen Law & Business, Chapter Editor: Architect/Engineer Liability.

Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, 4th Ed., 2013, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, Contributing author for chapters on: Owner's Amending AIA B101-2007 (Owner-Architect Agreement); Architects Amending AIA B101-2007 (Owner-Architect Agreement); Owners Amending AIA E202-2008 (Building Information Modeling (BIM) Protocol Exhibit); and Architects Amending AIA E202-2008 (Building Information Modeling (BIM) Protocol Exhibit).

Founding Editor: Atlanta Bar Association, Construction Section, Quarterly Newsletter and Georgia Construction Law Update, 1999-2003.

Various trade and professional periodicals and journals. 1996-2010

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